Monday, March 25, 2019

21-Day Keto Challenge: Day 20

Hello Monday.  I could be negative and cliche and talk about how Mondays always suck, but that seems counterproductive, since today I also started the 12 Days of Influence Challenge by EntreLeadership.  Day 1?  Assess Your Rapport. We had to grade ourselves on a set of questions.  I scored well on most but gave myself a lower score on "I make time in my schedule to connect with others."  

This is something I need to be more intentional about.  I am naturally an introvert, so it's really easy to just roll into work, go into my office, and start chucking away at work stuff without talking to anyone unless they come to see me. I eat lunch in my office most days (in case you couldn't tell from the last 3 weeks worth of lunch pics). I actually ate in the break room and socialized with my coworkers. It was a really nice break from my work day, and is almost always the only way I get to chat with people who don't work in my department. Time well spent.

Breakfast:  Last of the keto waffles with peanut butter (we bought this organic peanut butter from Aldi, and it's super-runny...horrible for sandwiches but really great for drizzling) and whipped cream, sausage + coffee.
Lunch:  Leftover pho and veggies (sorry, no pic, because I was eating in the break room and socializing and forgot.)

Dinner:  Korean beef bowls with cauliflower rice. This was really tasty--we left out the red pepper initially (since Lil' Man can't handle much spice), and then added some crushed red pepper after we'd pulled out his portion. Also, I was out of fish sauce, so instead I added some Maggi sauce for umami.
Totals: 1122 kcal, 82g fat, 30g net carbs, 51g protein

Thoughts: My gut is very gurgle-y today.  Otherwise, a fine day.

Note: The Hubs finished his 21 Days yesterday, so just in case you're curious, his day looked like this:
Breakfast: 2 pieces of bacon and a hard boiled egg
Lunch: Double Mushroom Swiss Burger from Culvers, 1/2 order fries
Dinner: Same as me.
His total: 1292 kcal, 51g net carbs
His Thoughts:  I feel less brain fog, and have more energy today.  Also all the muscle pain I had from working out on Saturday is finally gone.

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