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Fourth Wedding Anniversary: Fruit 'n Flowers

The day: July 10, 2011.
The place: Rogersville, Missouri
The weather: 103F & Sunny, with a brief (and blessed) breeze right around 1pm (the same time as our ceremony).
The peeps:  Me and this awesome dude I've known since I was 16, and about 150 of our friends & family.
The Cake: AWESOME.  As always.

This Friday, the Hubs & I celebrated our Fourth wedding anniversary--four years of marital bliss!  I still love being married to my best friend, staring at his beautiful blue eyes every morning (but like, not in a creepy way or anything), and laughing with him as much as possible.  I love him in spite of his mischievous inner child that thinks it's funny to wait until all the lights are out in the house and then let out a pterodactyl scream at the end of the hallway...and hilarious to hide in closets & jump out at you...

Year Four has been a good one for us.  We visited the Smoky Mountains together, sold our side business, and managed to (finally) make a baby after about a year & a half of trying (HINT: a relaxing week in Mexico with unlimited access to mojitos apparently REALLY helps).

If you missed it, I did a Wedding Week a few years ago—here’s the links if you’re interested:
For our first anniversary (Paper), I did this heart map collage; and for our second anniversary (Cotton), I made The Hubs a pillow with a collage of ticket stubs.
IMG_20120615_184235 IMG_20130709_182324

The third anniversary is Leather (or Glass for the “modern” interpretation), so he got a personalized leather luggage tag, a leather-bound men’s devotional book, and a fancy-schmancy tulip glass from Deschutes.

IMG_20140710_202805 IMG_20140710_190514

Fourth Anniversary is "Fruit or Flowers".  Sure, that's easy...if you're the guy.  (FYI--the "modern" option is "Appliances".  I tend to be of the opinion that an appliance is generally never a good romantic gift.)  So what do you get for the man in your life that's fruity, flowery, and yet still manly?

A)  A pie.  His favorite pie, in fact. (Coconut Cream, homemade--and let's not get into a debate over whether coconut is really a "fruit".  Most pies are fruit-filled, so that's the general idea--make yo' man a fruit-filled pie.  You know what he likes.  Aaaaand he'll probably share.)
B)  An iTunes gift card (Apple--get it?  Eh?  EHHH????)
C)  A kit to brew his own fruit beer, or a mixed pack of fruit beers (because the hops cover the whole "flowers" bit).  If your man's not a home brewer and you go for the latter, my personal recommendations are Leaky Roof's Bond Burner (Smoked Jalapeno & Pineapple--though TECHNICALLY this is a mead), Lazy Magnolia's Bramblin' Man (blackberry), Abita's StrawGator (strawberry), Shiner's Ruby Redbird (grapefruit), Piney River's Hot Date Ale (dates), and O'Fallon's Wheach (peach).  If you want to add another flower layer to the theme, hibiscus beers are trending right now (try Boulevard's Hibiscus Gose, Stone's Stochasticity Series Hibiscuscity...Or, if you live in the NOLA area & can get it, Courtyard Brewery's Mike's Hibiscus AleNOTE: I picked these because they're not overwhelmingly sweet or fruity--very well balanced beers.  Most dudes I know are not into super-sweet fruit beers/ciders, so your man should hopefully appreciate these.  If he's more of a wine guy--grapes are fruit.  Buy a bottle of his fave.  If he prefers hard liquor, find a distillery near you that makes infused liquors (our personal favorite--Copper Run sells infusion kits on their website; the apple pie moonshine is UH.MAZE.ING).  
D) A bottle of sparkling grape juice for you to share (since the baby belly has you playing permanent DD for a few more months)

For our anniversary celebration, we had a delicious dinner at Touch restaurant in Springfield, MO (though I was tempted to go with Aviary Creperie so we could gorge ourselves on fruit-filled crepes), followed by a showing of "Hairspray" at Tent Theater.

Dessert at Touch--chocolate flourless cake w/ raspberry coulee & mint chip frozen custard.  YUM.

Happy anniversary, love--and here's to four........ty plus more awesome years!

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