Friday, July 6, 2012

Ultimate Wedding Week Countdown: Day Three – Engagement Photos!

We didn’t exactly go the traditional route when it comes to engagement photos, because I sorta just saw that as an additional expense.  I mean, I used to be a wedding photographer & photojournalist in my pre-science days, so out of habit I still carry a camera with me everywhere.  We have tons of photos of us together, and even have pictures of our actual proposal…so I didn’t see the point of taking engagement photos.  However, I did want a few fun photos for our wedding website…so I enlisted the help of…myself. :D

First I had a bit of fun with our rings, since that didn’t involve me being in front of the camera:
IMG_0046 IMG_0038 IMG_0033
Then, I moved on to pastries, naturally. 
Note: we have an oddly spelled last name, that some people sometimes accidentally mispronounce as “cupcake”, though it’s actually more like “kept-key”—thus the pretty key in the above photos, because I’m subliminal like that.  In high school, I used to jokingly call the [Future] Hubs “Cupcake” because of this.  He did not like it.  At all.  But as adults, I guess we’re a little more tolerant.  All the same, I pulled the inside joke into our engagement photos (just used a tripod & timer for these):

For the cupcake, I just used one of those gi-normous Otis Spunkmeyer muffins & then tinted some frosting to our wedding green to frost it.  The letters are stickers from Michaels placed on toothpicks, and those two adorable little figurines I bought on Ebay from a lady who makes custom-order clay beads.  The girl is a scuba diver and the boy is a skier, since those are our respective passions.

And then, just to clarify, I decided a dictionary definition might be in order (for all my family members who actually could NOT pronounce my future last name):
(I typed up this page using the other actual dictionary words that would come before & after our name, and then slipped the page in a random fat textbook.  I’d seen the “heart” shadow trick somewhere online & was SO happy to try it out in this photo.  Love it!) 

Tomorrow: Wedding Prep & Planning (aka, all the stuff I made!)


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    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun making that. I haven't yet made a shadow box for our wedding, but if I do, I'll probably put that in there. :)