Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Best of 2012!

Here we are folks… two days in.  Have you broken your resolutions yet?  I hope not!  Just remember…I’m cheering you on.  Whatever they are, I’m here in Virtual BlogLand wishing you the best.  With tiny virtual pom-poms.  “BE! AGGRESSIVE!  B-E AGGRESSIVE!” :)

So far, so good here.  I drank five 16-oz glasses of water yesterday.  Pretty stoked about that.  Today, I’m on my second glass. 


So as a quick lil’ recap, I’d like to recount for you the five most popular posts of 2012! 

This is potentially more for my benefit than anyone else’s, but hey…it’s my blog.  So there.  Neener neener and stuff.


1. Wine Charm Pinterest Project

2. Thirsty Thursday:  Glowing Halloween Punch

halloween 019

3. New Orleans Stuffed Artichoke


4. Microwave Mug Muffin (I think I can thank the chocolate chips for that…)


5. Louisiana White Beans w/ Ham & Sausage


And now…what can you expect here in 2013? 

Um… More of the same?  I think this Top 5 shows a good representation of this blog.  Three recipes (two of which are Cajun), a cocktail, and a craft project.  Yessir, we’re DIVERSE!

(Hopping on the lateral train of thought: Long ago, at a different company down in Louisiana, I was pulled out of my office to go out in the field to take some staged field work photos.  When I asked why, they told me the photos were going into our company calendar that they send out to clients every Christmas, and they wanted to make sure the calendar showed how “diverse” we were.  …I was the only female in the environmental department.  Good times…)


All joking aside, if there’s something in particular that you would like to see more (or less) of on this blog, now’s the time to speak your mind!  Is there a Cajun/nonCajun dish that you’d really like to see my take on?  Is there something you LOVE that is horrifically, horrendously bad for you that you’d like me to attempt a “healthed up” version of?  Some crazy cocktail?  More organization/budgeting tips?  More presshuss photos of our pug?  Restaurant reviews?  Go ahead…SPEAK!

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