Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend Pinterest Project: Wine Charms… & ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!

Hey there folks! 

So, first things first—we have our winner for last week.  The E-Reader case goes tooooooo….. *big drum roll*

AIMEE from!!!!  Congrats Aimee!  I’ll be contacting you to get your mailing info so you can get your prize!


(That’s right, Aimee’s the Big Winner!  Aimee Wins!!!)

Oh, and other readers, you should definitely swing by Aimee’s super-cool blog!  She’s quite the crafty lady!




I know, I know… back to back giveaways?  It’s inSANITY!


(Not THIS kind of Insanity.  I’m too lazy for that crap.)


This past week was my friend Babs’ “Dirty Thirty” birthday…


She’s a pretty cool chica, so I decided to make a Pinterest crafty-type gift for her.  I had a nice bottle of wine picked out, but thought some homemade wine charms would make a nice accompaniment.


This is SUCH an easy & quick project.  So lets get started!



Wire hoops (you can find these in the jewelry findings section at Michaels or Hobby Lobby for about $1.50, or less—Hobby Lobby frequently runs50% off sales on jewelry components)

Small beads in a variety of colors

Cute buttons (a variety pack works best, since you’ll want your charms to be different, so you can tell whose glass is whose!)

Needle-nose/Jewelry pliers



First, grab a wire hoop:

With your pliers, straighten out one edge so you can get the beads on, and then use the pliers to bend the other side down slightly.  This will make it easier to connect the two ends when you’re using the charms.

This shows the amount of bend to put in the end with the hole.

Now, start adding beads!  Fill up half the hoop, then add your button.


(I found these cute flip-flop buttons at Hobby Lobby when Sewing Notions were 50% off!  Paid $1.50 for a pack of 10!)

Then add the rest of your beads!

When you get to the bend, use your pliers to put a 90 degree bend back in the wire.


Now make 4 more!  And BAM:  You have THESE!!!



Now, kick back and have a glass of wine!


Now, I see that thoughtful glint in your eyes…. you want your very own set of wine charms!  So how can you get the set shown above?

Leave a comment here on this post, telling me your very favorite-est wine! 

For me, it’s Bonny Doon’s “Reisling To Live”.  I love their amazing bottle art almost as much as I love the wine.  It’s the perfect mix of sweet & tart.  YUM!

(Note: My wine rack is getting hideously low, so this is really all  really just a clever ruse for getting suggestions on what I should restock it with.  Muahahahaha….)

(PS—I’m not requiring it here like in the last giveaway, but if you newly follow my blog via Google+, Blogger, Facebook or Pinterest, you’ll get an extra entry!  Maximum of two entries per person for this giveaway.)

Contest is open until Thursday, April 5 at 8pm, and the winner will be announced next Friday!

For those who don’t win or enter, I hope you enjoy making your charms!  I love this project.  Everyone I know may be getting wine charms this year, it’s so fun to think up new themes!

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  1. Favoritest wine in the ever: Little Penguin Shiraz. And it's on the cheap too, only like $8!

    1. YUM. Shiraz's are my fave red wines. And I'm a fan o' cheap. :D

  2. SUPER Excited to have won!!! Thanks LOTS! XO, Aimee

    1. No problem--thanks for following! I got your mailing info email & that'll go out in the mail either this weekend or Monday morning! Thanks again!

  3. Thank you for linking up this fabulous project!!!!
    I hope you will stop by tomorrow and link up another great project

    Claire xox