Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thirsty Thursday: Peach Brandy Fizz

I'll be honest with you--it's rare that I set out to make a *specific* cocktail.  Most of the time, it's literally just a "hrm...what do we have? Okay...those taste good together!"  And then I think I'm brilliant for having "invented" a new cocktail.
This is one of those cases.  However, have much research (read: 10 seconds of Googling), I realize that what I effectively made here is a brandy fizz.  A traditional brandy fizz has: brandy, lemon, sugar, and club soda.  But I simplified those last three ingredients by using citrus sparkling water.

And honestly, this is also a cocktail born of necessity... because I necessarily needed to get this Aquafina sparkling water out of my house.  It''s not great.  I's okay.  But pretty 'meh'. I'm fairly sure it was born to be a mixer.  And so it was.

large glass
crushed ice (can you tell I'm in love with our new fridge that magically dispenses crushed ice from the door???)
4 oz peach brandy
6 oz Aquafina sparkling water (we had the orange grapefruit version)
pineapple (for garnish)
Combine & serve.  Note: the sparkling water has no sweetener in it, but peach brandy is generally plenty sweet. If you need more sweetness, however, add a little sugar or Truvia or whatever your heart desires.  You gotta drink it, not me. :)


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