Sunday, July 13, 2014

Third Wedding Anniversary: The Leather/Glass Anniversary!

This Thursday marked our 3rd blissful year of marriage. Three years ago, it was crazy hot.  We were crazy nervous.  We were crazy for thinking we could have a midday Sunday wedding and people would dance (aside from the kids—the kids will always dance).  But that’s okay, because we’re a crazy bunch! 
(…that will never win a synchronized jumping contest.)
Sadly, I spent most of my anniversary day in another town for a training class, but we’re going away for the weekend so that makes up for it.
Things I Learned in Our Third Year of Marriage:
  • If you decide to buy a “side business” with your husband while you both still keep your full time jobs…you might be crazy.  But you might also learn a lot, and get to eat a ton of ice cream.
  • If you decide to take a bus tour of New England, you might end up being the only Americans on the trip.  But this is okay, because a) it forces you to spend a lot of quality time with each other, b) you may learn how to distinguish various Asian communities from each other, and c) your Chinese tour guide will probably take you to the BEST Oriental buffet on the planet.
  • The Daniel Fast is tough—but it’s easier when you’re doing it together.
  • And finally—the secret to a happy marriage?  Is STILL separate bathrooms. :)

This one’s mine. Obvs.
If you missed it, I did a Wedding Week a couple years ago—here’s the links if you’re interested:
For our first anniversary (Paper), I did this heart map collage; and for our second anniversary (Cotton), I made The Hubs a pillow with a collage of ticket stubs.
IMG_20120615_184235 IMG_20130709_182324

The third anniversary is Leather (or Glass for the “modern” interpretation).  Unfortunately, I have no leatherworking skills, so making something myself kinda went out the window (well, to be honest, I thought about making him some “fruit leather”, but didn’t have an opportunity to sneak it in before our anniversary.)
However, I still wanted to stick with our travel theme.  So, I found a gal on Etsy who made personalized leather luggage tags, so I made him one in a bright color (figuring that would help him pick out his bag when we fly, since our luggage is black & gray):
I also picked up a leather-bound men’s devotional book, and got us a half-price deal to do some ziplining (since you have to wear LEATHER gloves when you go).  Since there’s also that “glass” tradition, I also picked up him a fancy-schmancy tulip glass from Deschutes (a brewery we’ve recently discovered)—which would have been a perfect place to stow the fruit leather…bygones.  He’ll stow beer in it.  Temporarily, anyway. :) 
For our anniversary, we touristed it up down in Branson:  got a room at the Chateau on the Lake, went to a dinner show (Marco Polo), and of course, checked out all the winery & brewery tours we hadn’t yet been on (Copper Run Distillery, Stone Hill, Bear Creek…also the microbrews at Charlie’s Steak-Ribs & Ale, but we weren’t impressed).
 Happy anniversary, Love!  Here’s to many, many, many more!


  1. Your recipes all look awesome, don't get me wrong, but I LOVE this post and getting to hear about all your thoughtful anniversary gifts, and of course the road leading up to marital bliss!