Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas with the Feaux’s, Part Deux.

So as I mentioned the other day, we picked up some pinecones at the park.
Um… a LOT of pinecones.
(And because I'm a nerd, if you're interested in learning about what cones come from which trees, check out this site.)
Thankfully, they’re quite versatile!

They go in bowls…
(This glass bowl is part of a set that my grandmother had.  After her passing, we each got a piece of the set as a family heirloom.)

They go in tiny sleighs…
(I got the sleigh last year from my bestie--only it was holding a variety pack of Community Coffee at that time.)

They go inside the tree (to fill in the gaps, if you’ve got a rather slim tree like us):
(We are currently on the hunt for a "new" taller, fuller FeauxTree.  A friend tipped me off to looking on Craigslist & I've been checking daily ever since.)

They go on garland!
IMG_0006 (2)

And you know what else goes well on garland?  Christmas cards!
(The other side isn't full yet.  I used ornament hooks & paper clips to hang these.)

And since photos of holiday mantels are quite trendy, here’s ours!  I'm very envious of some of the gorgeous mantels I've seen in the blogosphere, but ours is mainly just our usual mantel decor + some miscellaneous Christmas pieces that don't have a better home.)
(Yes.  That’s a Yoda nutcracker. And a Yoda snow globe.  And a Santa Yoda bobblehead.  And a Yoda stocking. Don’t be jealous.)

Speaking of Yoda… my best friend got me a post-Halloween marshmallow Yoda.  And of course… I made S’mores.
Gotta love it when your food is looking at you…

And of course, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without Spaghetti-Os.
I made two of these ornaments back in 2008... one for me & one for my Cousin Manda.  As kids, we demanded that Spaghetti-Os be included in EVERY family holiday meal, and it stuck. It's our family tradition.  These were actually super easy to make. I scanned in a label from a spaghetti-Os can, shrunk it down in a photo editor, printed it out on regular paper.  Then I bought a package of wooden spools from a craft store, spray painted them silver, trimmed the label to fit, and wrapped it around the outside.  Strung an old silver shoelace through the middle, knotted it at the bottom, and there you go!

So that's our house at Christmas time.  Thanks for taking the tour!  Stay tuned tomorrow for a super-special holiday Thirsty Thursday! 

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