Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Amy’s Boozy Cider!

As I mentioned earlier this week, we attended our friend Amy’s annual Halloween Party last Saturday, and had a fantabulous time, as always!  There were snacks, dips, delicious AmyCakes cupcakes, cheese, crackers, homemade salsa, and plastic jack-o-lanterns brimming with candy, that I can only assume were freshly stolen from some poor trick-or-treater (HAHA—TRICK, kid!)

And of course, NO Halloween party would be complete without Amy’s famous Boozy Cider recipe, which she was kind enough to share with me, for your (and my) benefit!

(Image pilfered from the interwebs, source behind link)

This stuff is DELICIOUS…but potent.  The delicious cinnamony-ness of it will sneak up on you, so drink with caution.  And always have a sober chauffeur, y’all!!!


Ingredients (makes twenty 8-oz servings):

64 oz apple cider

64 oz cranberry juice cocktail

3 cinnamon sticks

1 bottle spiced rum (I like Sailor Jerry, but not sure which brand Amy uses)



Combine the first three ingredients in a 5-quart Crockpot (otherwise you’ll have to do it in batches…if you’re making a smaller batch, you can use a smaller Crockpot…but why EVER would you want a SMALLER batch???) and simmer on Low until your house smells AMAZING.  Then allow to cool.

In a punch bowl, combine the cider and the rum, stir well.  Serve with optional garnish as shown above!


This is great for any Fall party, Thanksgiving, Christmas, even New Year’s Eve!  And it doubles as a home fragrance—who needs Glade or scented candles?  And if you’re not in a boozy mood, this is still delicious even without the rum.


Happy Post-Halloween!!!

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