Friday, June 29, 2012

A Week in The Meals of Feaux – Day Five

Hooray for almost the freakin’ weekend!


Day Five: Friday!

Last work day of the week.  Since I cooked last night, I was able to bring leftovers for lunch.  Tonight, I have a Girls Night planned to meet my friends for tapas & cocktails, and then we’re headed to watch Rock of Ages, which we really hope doesn’t completely suck.  We are a bandy gang of former theater & choir gals, so musicals have a big appeal.


Breakfast (9am)

1 cup coffee w/ 1 Splenda packet & 1 tbsp Peppermint Mocha creamer – 35 calories

1 oatmeal, chocolate chip, & bacon cookie (WHAT???  Bacon…oatmeal…it’s pretty well a breakfast cookie.)– 91 calories, 2.2 g fat, 2.3 g protein

1 serving Oikos Key Lime Greek yogurt – 160 calories, 4.5 g fat, 11 g protein


No Mid-Morning Snack – I was in a meeting.


Lunch (1pm)

20 oz unsweet tea – 0/0/0

1 serving homemade pasta w/turkey meat marinara – 378 calories, 4 g fat, 19 g protein

1 small cucumber, raw, sliced – 35 calories, 0 fat, 2 g protein


Afternoon Snack (4pm)

1 oz Frigo light string cheese – 60 calories, 2.5 g fat, 8 g protein

1/2 cup red grapes – 52 calories 0 fat, .5 g protein


Dinner w/Friends  (6:30pm)

Somehow I managed to NOT take a photo of our awesome spread of food.  My apologies. So here’s a photo of someone else’s delicious spread of tapas.

In case you’re not familiar, tapas are “small plates” or snacks—small orders of appetizers or finger foods.  They’re intended for sharing, or so that you can order small bits of many different things to try.  We ordered a small cheese & meat tray, a variety of dips & spreads w/crackers, a grilled cheese & pesto sandwich, and one of their daily specials.  There were five of us, so I’m estimating 1/5 of each item for the most part, except for the items I know I had a larger portion of.  For the spreads/dips, we were given about 1/2 cup of each and I took about a tablespoon of each of them.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Ophelia’s infused vodkas.  So for my cocktail, I ordered the citrus version this time.

Cocktail – 150 calories

1/4 cup Garbanzos Fritos (chickpeas, chorizo, and tomatoes) – 94 cal, 6 g fat, 3.2 g protein

1/2 pita – 83 calories, 0.4 g fat, 2.7 g protein

1/5 oz parmesan (22 cal, 1.5 g fat, 2 g protein), cheddar (24/2/1.2), gouda (22/1.8/1.4), & salami (104/8/6.3)
1/4 grilled cheese – 130 cal, 6.5 fat, 3 g protein

1 oz artichoke dip - 50 cal,  4.5 g fat, 2 g protein
1/4 oz boursin – 24 calories, 2.4 g fat, 0.4 g protein
1/4 smoked trout dip – 79 cal / 5.5 g fat / 5 g protein

1/5 hummus – 15 cal, 1.2 g fat, 1.4 g protein
1/5 red pepper spread - 15 cal, 1.2 g fat, 0.2 g protein
7 water crackers – 90 cal, 1.5 g fat, 2.3 g protein

Dinner Total – 902 cal, 42.5 g fat, 31.1 g protein


Total for Day: 1713 calories, 55.7 g fat, 73.9 g protein

Another overage from the “target”, but still under the typical caloric requirement for my day, so not horrible.  Girls’ Nights are not a regular occurrence; we’re lucky if we can arrange to get together once a month.  However, Friday nights are typically Date Night for me & The Hubs, so I would normally be eating out on Friday night anyway…though it likely wouldn’t be quite the onslaught of calories we see here.

This is also a good example of how a “little” of a lot of things still adds up to a lot.  Because you’re only taking a small portion of each thing, it FEELS like it’s not a lot of food, and you FEEL like you’re being fairly good.  But it all adds up to quite a bit, especially when cheese is involved. :D

So tomorrow is Saturday! Hooray for the weekend!  However, tomorrow I’ll be out of town, as we’re taking my dad to see a St. Louis Cardinals game* as a belated Father’s Day gift.  I’m really looking forward to it because we’ll be meeting my cousins and my aunt up there as well.  And we’ll be tailgating, which could spell utter disaster for this experiment!  Let’s see how it turns out!!!!


…to be continued…


(*Bloggers Note: if you haven’t realized, this “week in the meals” is actually the foods I ate LAST week, so that I could post in a timely manner each morning.  And The Cards crushed the Royals.  Go Redbirds!!!)

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