Sunday, June 10, 2012

Un-Crabby Feaux (aka, Things I Love)


Life is about balance.  So I figure, if I’m going to vent about the things I dislike, I should subsequently do a post about things I love, right?  Right.

1. My Hubs.  Of course.


2. Our precious puggers.


3. My gi-gundo family.  My mom is the middle of 15 kids, and I am one of 81 grandkids.  This was just a few of us assembled to together to celebrate Mother’s Day with our grandma last year.  Throw in my in-laws, and I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful kinfolk.


4. Great friends who go on vaycay with us, to make it super-cheap ($115/person for the condo [5 days], + $62/person for gas, then food, etc.)


5. Garlic.  Duh.

6. Dave Ramsey.  Thanks to this man’s radio show & books, I have no debt, aside from our house payment (which I sorta married in to, since the Hubs bought our house 8 years ago).  Great practical money talk, things that seem so common sense, but are harder to put into practice.

7. My new (to me) car. Such a pretty blue, push start/keyless entry, and with the 27 mpg vs. the 17 I was getting with my Sorento, I’ll save about $1000/year in gas.  And it’s the first vehicle I ever paid cash for.  Not having a car payment is AWESOME!


8. Chocolate cake. Yet again—duh.  Like these delicious Oreo beauties from our wedding, made by AmyCakes.


9.  Potatoes.  Any type, cooked any way.  YUM.

10.  My readers!  Without you guys, I wouldn’t be posting all my kitchen adventures.  I appreciate each & every one of you, and your comments!


  1. Never a bad idea to focus on the positive ... and I'm totally with you on potatoes and chocolate cake!

    1. Indeed! What would life be without potatoes & chocolate cake???