Friday, May 4, 2012

Pinterest Project Friday: Repurposed Tee Tank.

Disclaimer: I’m certain the original poster of this project probably didn’t intend for her creation to get incorporated into something I’m classifying as “trashy”.  So if ye original poster finds her way to this post, my apologies.  But with the shirt I’m using…yeah.  White trash all the way.


So of course, as I mentioned yesterday—Trashy Cinco de Mayo par-tay this weekend! 

And of course, like all good themed parties, we’ve been requested to dress accordingly.  As a resident of Missouri, an area which has its fair share of the not-so-classy…this is not exactly difficult. Have ya SEEN “Winter’s Bone”?  Yeahhhh….  Filmed about an hour or so from where I live.

I mean…come on.  We’re the meth capital of the United States and everyone outside of the Ozarks think we’re all hillbillies (which is really just a “northern Cajun”, without the awesome food and a less cool accent).  I basically grew up on a boat…

(Why my dad actually had kids: to use them for scale in fish tales.)

My dad (and myself to a degree) is an avid crappie fisherman.  What the Cajuns refer to as “sac-au-lait”.  Which is all the explanation that I shall offer as to WHY this shirt is in my wardrobe:

feaux 003

Not that it gets worn a lot…mostly to the gym, which is entirely appropriate, given my feelings toward running on a treadmill like a gerbil.

So I figured that this shirt was just BEGGING to be transformed into a “costume” for my party.  And of course, Pinterest has plenty “tee-to-tank” links, so I, of course, picked the first one that caught my eye.

image Because when a white girl (aka ME) has her bra showing, it SCREAMS “white trash”.  I don’t care how many fashionistas try to proclaim it as sexy.  Visible bra straps = “I just don’t give a crap”.

Unless it’s a sports bra, or a bra that is designed to be pretty when seen, like this one.

ANYWAY… *jumps off soapbox* MOVING ON!!!



Cut sleeves off the shirt.  You can cut a little further down on the shirt too for a more open back.  Just remember—the lower you cut, the more exposed skin you’ll have in the back & on the sides…and possibly in the front if you get extreme.  Discard the sleeves.

 feaux 005 feaux 006


Now trim off the elastic at the neck, and save—you’ll need this later.  You can trim a bit beyond the stitch at the elastic to make it comfy & give it more of a scoop neck.

(I swear I took a photo of this…crap.)

Flip the shirt over, and gather the back together in your hand, pinching it together.  And then wrap the elastic from the neck around that.

feaux 008

Secure it with a few stitches.

feaux 010

And then trim off any excess.  You should be able to slide this wrapping up or down, to adjust it as comfortable.

Pair with some camo capris, flip flops, and a do-rag (or big hair, or cowboy hat…really, whatever you prefer), and you are FINIS!



And the nice thing is that after this shindig is over, I’m still totally cool with wearing this to the gym with a sports bra and/or tank underneath.

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