Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Missouri Botanical Gardens (and other such funstuffs).

Hi y’all!

I actually have a backlog of recipes that need to get posted; however, it’s been pretty busy here in the Real World and thus, Cyber-World gets put on the back burner. 

This past weekend, The Hubs & I took a mini-vaycay up to St. Louis.  A city of much antiquity & French influence, one could call it the “New Orleans of the North”… but that just sounds so Yankee. ;)

We live about 3 hours from STL (yay, airport code abbreviations!) but don’t get to visit very often.  So we decided to make the most of our trip.  So we went to:

The St. Louis Science Center:




A St. Louis Blues game:

STL2012 023 (We did not win.  But saw some GREAT fights.)


The Schlafly Brewery & Bottleworks:


(I actually didn’t take any photos here.  Above photo nicked from here.  Schlafly makes my favorite pumpkin ale.)


And the piece de resistance, Missouri Botanical Gardens: 79 acres of “WOW”.  We walked about 2.5 miles of it & STILL didn’t see everything.  It was an amazingly gorgeous, sunny-although-slightly-too-warm day.  Perfect camera weather.

A few choice snippets:

Prettiest Cactus ever…

 STL2012 049


STL2012 054 

When Iris eyes are smiling…

STL2012 098

Fringed Tulip (I LOVE these!)

STL2012 076

(Bishop’s Hat)

STL2012 127

Hedge Maze! (I beat The Hubs in our “race” to find our way through.)

 STL2012 117

My ever-so-silly Hubs:

 STL2012 172

Japanese Garden:

STL2012 139


That’s it for now!  This is the FeauxCajun & Hubs, from outside the FeauxKitchen, signing off!

(PS—don’t forget to go leave me a comment over here so you can try to win a set of wine charms!!!)

STL2012 142

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