Monday, March 18, 2013

Hi There!

*head hung, kicks the dirt* Soooo…. I’ve been a little absent lately.  And I TOTES apologize for that.  Things have been massively chaotic at home & at work.  I know, I know, a blogger’s never supposed to apologize or make excuses, but I’m just leading up to something here.  Because I want to share with you all what’s been going on, and what I’ve been doing instead of blogging:


(Sorta like “We Bought A Zoo”, but smaller and with less animals.)

If you’d have asked me a month ago “Hey Feaux, do you think you’ll be a business owner next month?”  I’m pretty sure I would’ve laughed.  But here we are, it’s March, and we own an ice cream parlor.  It’s sort of a funny story…the Hubs texted me & asked, “you wanna buy Emack & Bolio’s?”  (that’s the parlor’s former name—they just dropped the franchise last year, so that’s what most people still know it as).  I thought he was talking about a Groupon, so I said, “Sure!”  We laughed about it for a while once I realized he meant the ACTUAL ice cream shoppe.  The owners wanted to retire, and the price was just too good…and the rest is, as they say, history.

It’s the cutest lil’ place, right across from Sequiota Park.  The building was constructed in 1937.  I’m still working on uncovering the history of the building, but I’m about 75% sure that it used to be a ticket booth.  There’s an old section of railroad that runs from the park across the street up to the main part of town, and back in the day when Galloway was still a village of its own and not just another part of southeast Springfield, an electric train ran from Springfield to the Park (which was then a fish hatchery).

This is one of my favorite parks in Springfield, mainly because of the three caves:

(From left to right: Crawl-All-The-Way Cave, Walk-All-The-Way Cave, and Sequiota [Fischer] Cave)


While I’m really looking forward to this new adventure, the Hubs & I are both still keeping our regular jobs and will be managing this from afar…and with all the business licenses and whatnot, we are up to our ears in CHAOS right now!  But here in a few months once we get the store open and find our routine, things should get back to “normal” so that I can resume blogging, because believe me—I haven’t stopped cooking, and I have a HYYYOOOOOOJJJ backlog of posts to write.

All the same…I’m super excited about this.  My blog here is for fun—I love sharing with all of you and being a part of this community.  But there are times when I find myself in my science-y “real world” and wish there was more cooking and creating going on.  With our new biz, I’ll be concocting fun new specialty sundaes/cones to feature each month, and my creative gears have been churning!  (Bacon, anyone?)

So, if you’d like to show our fledgling new biz some love, we’re on FB, Twitter, and Instagram.  There’s also a webpage of sorts in the works (set up on Blogspot); I’ll post a link later once it’s more fleshed out.

Stay tuned for some actual cooking related posts…sometime… :D