Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thirsty Thursday: Pink Carnation Punch (A Mother's Day Cocktail)

So, this year I celebrated my first Mother's Day.  My husband asked me for a list of ideas, and so I sent him this:

I know you keep asking and I keep saying I don’t know, so here’s some ideas:
-        I would like to sleep in.
-        I would like a mimosa or other cocktail at some point in the day.  Maybe two.
-        I would like to go for a walk or to the park since the weather should be nice.
-        Maybe dinner or lunch somewhere? I would like to not cook that day.
-        A foot and/or back massage.
-        A decent looking picture of the baby & I together and/or all three of us.
-        A reminder to call my mom & talk to her for a little while.

And I would have been utterly happy with just a couple of them.  Particularly that first one. (I mean...there's a reason it's first.)  But my amazing husband made ALL of them happen...even though we were all under the weather that weekend and not feeling 100%.  
  • The baby woke up at 7am, so he got up with him while I slept in 'til 8:30am.
  • He made me biscuits & gravy (from scratch) for breakfast, and then grilled pork steaks & sweet potatoes for lunch (leftovers of the same for dinner).  
  • The weather was iffy, so we did a 20 minute walk through our neighborhood instead of going to the park.
  • I got a foot massage while I played on the floor with the baby.
  • We [eventually] got out of our pajamas so that Baby J & I could take a pic together on the porch (this request was inspired by an article I read earlier in the week about how there are so few pictures of mother and child together because the mother is usually the one behind the camera).
  • And I called and chatted with my mom for about 45 minutes after lunch.
Oh...and he made me this cocktail as an afternoon aperitif.  

Since carnations are the most traditional Mother's Day flowers, I thought that would make an appropriate name, given the color.  It was quite tasty and just thrown together from things we had in the fridge.  The basil, pineapple, & cherry garnish really made it special (plus, I mean...fruit!  Now it's healthy, right?)
Bouquet in the background is from Baby J's daycare.
1.5 oz vodka
3-4 oz strawberry lemonade (cold)
1 Tbsp grenadine (okay...maraschino cherry juice.  Whatever you have.)
1 tsp agave syrup 
3-4 oz ginger ale (or 7Up Ten if you're looking to save a few calories), chilled

Combine the vodka, lemonade, grenadine, and agave syrup in a tall fluted glass, then pour your fizzy soda of choice over the top.  Garnish with a couple fresh basil leaves, fresh pineapple, and a maraschino cherry.
NOTE: If your lemonade and soda aren't chilled before hand, you can shake the first four ingredients over ice, and then add the soda... or just serve over ice in a pint glass or mason jar.  

Enjoy on your back porch while gazing adoringly at your husband and infant son... while also perhaps smirking about the clash-tastic outfit said amazing husband managed to put together for said infant.
Chillaxin' while watching church online since we were all under the weather.

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