Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thirsty Thursday: Strawberry Mint Julep

Since I'm rocking a bump for the next 23 weeks or so, my NOLA cousin Primeaux has offered to step in & help out with coming up with some tasty Thirsty Thursday cocktails for you all!  He's so kind, putting all those years of bartending experience to good use!  (He's made many improvements since our days of youth when all drinks incorporated pickle juice and a dare of some sort.)

Me & Primeaux, circa 1981.  Pre- pickle-juice dare days.

In honor of the 141st Kentucky Derby this weekend, Primeaux has come up with a delicious spin on the traditional Mint Julep.  Cheers!

American Pharoah winning the Arkansas Derby.  He's favored to win this year's Kentucky Derby & I can see why after that performance! (PS--post of Derby hats & more race photos to come soon!)

~ ~ ~ ~

It's practically May down here in the deep South. That means 90*+ days are just around the corner. I wanted to take a minute to post one of my favorite hot weather cocktails, the strawberry mint julep. it's a fruity spin on a Southern classic. It's very quick to throw together and is perfect for relaxing on the porch, or for toting around at your favorite outdoor gathering. 

4 Roses Bourbon
Simple syrup (that's not moonshine in the Mason jar)
Mint leaves

Slice up two strawberries and muddle together with six mint leaves and 2 oz of simple syrup in a mixing glass. Add 2oz of 4 Roses Bourbon and 2oz of lemonade. Fill mixing glass with ice and cap with a shaker or large plastic tumbler. Shake vigorously until chilled. Strain your cocktail into a rocks glass. Enjoy outdoors with plenty of sunshine (or while cheering your favorite pony this weekend!)

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