Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thirsty Thursday: Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places


Today’s Thirsty Thursday is again brought courtesy of one of my favorite watering holes: Ophelia’s Wine & Tapas.  We so rarely have hard alcohol around the house, and I can only post so many beer floats before you all think I’m loony.


So, here we have a DELICIOUS fruity cocktail entitled “Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places”, named after a Kid Creole & the Coconuts album:


With a name like “Kid Creole”, you’d suspect they were from New Orleans, amiright?  Well, you’d be wrong, as I was.  Kid Creole, aka August Darnell, grew up in the magical melting pot of the Bronx, though his parents were from South Carolina & Georgia.  Their sound mixes American Big Band w/Latin American, Caribbean, South American, et al.  In retrospect, “Fresh Fruit” is delightfully 80’s, but it was hailed at its release as a brilliant “musical travelogue”, with each song representing a journey to a foreign land.  I’ll stick with Deep Forest for my musical travelogues, but I still have an appreciation for a band that brings in a variety of sounds, pulling inspiration from all types of musical genres.

But enough history.  You want a cocktail.


2 oz Pomegranate Vodka

2 oz Sour Apple Pucker

4 oz Cranberry juice

Combine & serve over ice; garnish with, what else—fresh fruit!


(for the record, I don’t actually have Ophelia’s recipe for this cocktail, but this is my best estimation based off taste & the menu.  It’s fantastic!)

Very light and summery—almost completely makes you forget about that cold @$$ weather outside, eh? 

MUahahahahHAhahahah, take THAT,  Gulf Coast!  Now you see what we have to deal with up here!  All joking aside…winter sucks.  Wherever you are, stay safe, stay warm, and of course, stay thirsty, my friends!

PS—The Hubs started brewing his own beer this past weekend—so stay tuned for that in a future Thirsty Thursday!!!


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