Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Abita Bottle Cap Magnets

I like to decorate my kitchen with my Louisiana memorabilia, since that’s what inspires me to be creative, and it’s where I found my passion for food.  Our walls and overhead storage are decorated with framed vintage Louisiana food ads:


Cajun Cookbooks clutter the countertops (including my “bible” from Chef Folse):


Utensils go in an old coffee can:


And of course, my Louisiana pelican oversees all from a perch in the corner:

pelican 004

(That’s the Time Life “American Southern Cooking” cookbook in the middle, circa 1960’s.  I inherited the full “World Foods” set from my Nana.)

But I realized I didn’t have any tributes to Abita, which is just sinful. I love their beer, and their root beer, and they just sorta symbolize South Louisiana life.  We tried to win an Abita neon at trivia last year, but were not so lucky.  Also, our wall space is pretty limited at this point. As is counterspace.  So until we move & get a bigger kitchen (not in the cards for a few years), there’s not a lot more I can do.  But you know what else is left to decorate?  The fridge! 

Photo Jan 06, 7 52 52 AM These make for an excellent kids’ craft if you’re looking for a quick project to keep the lil’ uns entertained for a while.  They also make nice gifts!


What You Need:

Bottle Caps (whichever you choose—but go for good local brews to make them unique. Probably not a huge demand for Bud Light kitchen magnets.)

Magnets (these round ones work great)

Hot Glue (the magnets usually have some adhesive on them, but hot glue will help reinforce that seal)

Photo Jan 06, 7 57 42 AM

NOTE: Pry-off caps will present a problem, since they usually get bent in the process & them don’t want to lay flat.  We got this “automatic” cap remover for Christmas last year and it works really well—and doesn’t bend the caps in the process, which is great if you’re a crafter.


Directions:  Pretty simple.  If your magnet has adhesive, remove the backing & stick it to the inside of the bottle cap.  Then use hot glue around the edge to ensure a good seal.  Let sit until dry, and then place on your fridge!  If you’re lucky, maybe you also have a magnetic backsplash behind your stove?  These work great for holding up recipes while you’re cooking!

Photo Jan 06, 7 57 53 AM

Happy Crafting!

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