Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thirsty Thursday: Caramel Apple

Need a quick & easy yet tasty concoction to soothe your sweet tooth?  Well, if your booze collection looks anything like mine (a random assortment of half-drunk bottles and a plethora of tiny 100mL plastic “shooters” bought on a whim of “ooh, that could be tasty…but I’m only willing to commit 99 cents to find out”), you may on occasion need help coming up with something to throw together.


Have you met the My Cocktail Bar app?  Just enter the ingredients you have on hand, and it will tell you what you can make.  Pretty handy dandy lil’ tool.  And it happens to be where I got the idea for today’s libation.

Photo Dec 03, 7 32 31 PM

Salted Karamel Vodka (100 mL)

Sour Apple Pucker (50-100 mL)

Apple Juice (100 mL)



Just combine & cheers!  The Karamel vodka is really smooth and the Pucker keeps it from being too cloying.

Photo Dec 03, 7 32 17 PM

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