Monday, August 5, 2013

Dog Bingo.

 AKA:  And now for something else completely un-food related.

I created this lil’ number the other day after having “one of those days” where my furry four-legged child was REALLY trying my patience. 

2013-08-03 22.18.34

See that focused intensity?  Dad’s posing for a pic, while the Pugster is thinking “must. eat. game. dice.”

(And for those who are thinking “WTF game is that?”  Click here.)


I found myself wondering, “does he just have an AGENDA or something?  Like—’these are the things I have to accomplish today for my life to be complete’.  Like…DOG BINGO!”


So, now you too know your dog’s ultimate purpose in life: to get ‘Bingo’ every day.

You can’t fool us, canines.  We’re on to your wily ways.

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