Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thirsty Thursday: The SoCojito.

Hi…have we met?  I’m a Beer Girl.  Unless I’m being a wine girl (not to be confused with a Whine Girl…which may or may not sometimes happen, we won’t go into that).  But usually, a Beer Girl. 

But sometimes, you have a crummy week & you have to hit the hard stuff.

…in a really tasty and fruity, refreshing kind of way.  Because you’re still a total Liquor Pansy.  Yeah, that’s right.  We haven’t forgotten about that time you barely sipped on a perfectly good 12-year smooth-as-a-baby’s-bum whiskey and let it get warm.  Sinner.

That’s where something like this concoction comes in handy.  Three sips in, and whatever cruddy things happened no longer matter, because your taste buds have gone on vacation to the Keys.  And you can finally zone out and play Candy Crush for an hour, because YOU DESERVE IT.


AAaaaaanyway.  Moving on.

feaux 014 Vacation in a glass.

(PS- Perspective on life:  This glass is neither half-empty, or half-full…it’s just freakin’ HUGE.)


50 mL SoCo Lime

20 mL simple syrup (2 tsp sugar, 2 tsp water, heated up for 20 seconds and stirred until dissolved)

(NOTE: If you’re watching your calories, you could use a packet of Splenda & water instead.)

1/4 lime

3-4 mint leaves

seltzer water (to taste)

feaux 010


Muddle the mint leaves in the bottom of your glass (I have a small mortar & pestle, so I just use the pestle, but you could also just use the back of a small spoon), then squeeze the lime juice into the glass. 

Add the SoCo & the simple syrup and swirl.

Then top off with the seltzer water—you can be as conservative or liberal with the water as you want.  SoCo Lime tastes great, so you don’t need much—it’s just to give the drink a nice refreshing fizziness.

Sip, relax, and enjoy.  And ignore your husband when he says it tastes like toothpaste…he’s just had a bad day, too.   (And it TOTALLY doesn’t taste like toothpaste…unless you have mojito-flavored-toothpaste, in which case, please share.)

feaux 011

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