Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thirsty Thursday: Strawberry Beer Float

Two posts in one week?  Yes, I know, I’m shocked too.

As we discussed earlier in the week, it is Abita Strawberry Lager Season!  My favorite seasonal in their repertoire by far.  It’s light and refreshing and just slightly fruity, but not overly sweet. 

And the other day, as I found myself bogged down in paperwork for the ice cream shoppe, I knew I needed something.  More than just a beer.  Something fun.  And seeing as how we now have ice cream on the brain p.much 24/7, thinking of a way to make beer more fun wasn’t difficult:

Yes, it was time for another beer float!

In an ideal situation, you would probably use strawberry ice cream for something like this.  But we had Yoplait Greek Strawberry Frozen Yogurt in our freezer, which I had previously been using to make some rather yummy ice cream cookie sammiches:



Strawberry froyo or ice cream (the sweeter the better—it cuts the acidity of the beer)

Abita Strawberry Lager



Easy-peasy, as always.  Ice cream goes in the glass, beer goes on top.

scoop 018

Add a straw and BAM, you’re done.  Kick back on your patio & enjoy.

scoop 016

Or, finish your paperwork, ya bum.  That inventory isn’t going to type itself, now is it???

scoop 020


  1. Oh wow! That sounds amazing!

    I love that I found you Feaux Cajun, I'm like the "Accidental" Cajun so I always look forward to your blogs.