Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Checking in from Ice Cream Land…

Hiya folks!  So, the “soft open” for the ice cream shop was this weekend, and we had a really great turnout.  Things were pretty insane for a while…We got slammed for about 3 hours while shifts were supposed to be changing, so our openers ended up having to stay an hour or so late.  Oh, and a lady quit on her second day.  Yeah.

But we survived, and Sunday was an awesome day with fewer kinks.  I mean…aside from that whole “one missing person” thing. 

So, I thought I’d share a few pics with you guys!

Photo Apr 13, 10 10 09 AM

This is our bid-ness.  New sign & all.  (The sandwich board out front now also says “Coffee & Pastries”…otherwise that’s pretty much it.)

Here’s the interior, all tiny & kewt & stuff:

Photo Apr 13, 10 07 57 AM

Photo Apr 13, 10 08 45 AMPhoto Apr 13, 10 08 02 AM

And our ridonkulous AmyCakes cinnamon rolls, and killer blueberry muffins:



An assortment of toppings… (take THAT, OrangeLeaf.)


Oh, and…here’s some food porn for you.  On the left: our “Bear Paw”.  On the right, chocolate dipped waffle cone.



And just in case you’re not in the mood for ice cream, we have smoothies, hot dogs, & sandwiches too. Like this “Taste of Louisiana”: our “Cajun Dog” with, what else?  ZAPPS, of course!


Aside from the insanity and hassles that go with owning a business, I’m really enjoying this venture.  I’m not necessarily enjoying being exhausted all the time and having nightmares about forgetting to make deposits or bring in the cinnamon rolls… but I am enjoying making our customers happy & dreaming up specialty concoctions.  Like our Bear Paw up there, that was listed as one of Springfield’s “7 Good Things” in this week’s 417 Magazine Table Talk email.


We have our Grand Opening this weekend, which I have high hopes for…I mean…assuming it doesn’t rain…and that we find a replacement employee…and don’t run out of anything…and don’t go insane.  Yeah.  Assuming all those things go okay, it should be awesome!


  1. Congratulations! Looks amazing!

  2. Wow! How exciting - are you still doing your "real" job too, or are you throwing yourself into the ice cream biz full on? Either way, I'm sure it's overwhelming at times. Oh, and do you ship Bear Paws?

    1. Yup, we both still have our "real" jobs as well, so it can be VERY overwhelming at times. Today I was sitting in a meeting at my jobby-job and got interrupted by a text telling me we were out of tomatoes and they'd lost the onions...so yeah, there's a lot of overlap. But we're hoping the kinks will smooth out over time as we all get more familiar with the business.

    2. And I'll look into shipping ice cream! ;P

  3. That Bear Paw looks so yum. I am so happy all is going well! Wish I was closer to come and get some scream, which is one of my most favorite things on the earf.

    1. Really, its totes worth the epic journey to come try. There's only like, one, really long, state between here & there anyway. :D