Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fleur de Lis Art.

I’m jonesing for a new fleur de lis art print for our kitchen/dining room area (really, honestly: we have 1300 sq ft of living space—those rooms are one & the same).  I know I’ll probably end up making something, thanks to my Pinterest addiction, but I’ve been perusing the InterWebz for some inspiration. 

This one is so cute it makes my heart ache:

“Fleur de Lis” by Ryan Merrill…actually, I may buy this print, I love it so much!


This metal work is also gorgeous:

If I could find a trivet that looked like this, I would be quite pleased.  Because art that is also functional makes me happy.


This set of four is quite lovely, too, although I think I’m looking for something a bit smaller, since we already have a large focal piece in our dining room

Set of 4 16 x 16 Fleur de...

…of course, I could just split them up and spread the fleur love around the house. :D


I don’t usually go for metallics, but there’s something so regal about this one…


I think I may try to recreate something like that, using the “glue, aluminum foil, & shoe polish” craft that’s trending on Pinterest right now.

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