Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Procrastination: AKA, things I do instead of blogging.

Occasionally I dream about being discovered as the next “Pioneer Woman” or “Smitten Kitchen”…but alas, my inability to blog daily (and the infinite number of OTHER food bloggers out there) will probably result in it never being a reality.  I don’t worry about it much.  This blog is for me, and for fun.  It keeps me sane after long science-laden professional work days that I can come home and be creative and a little silly.  And if some other people read it & enjoy it, then that’s just a super-awesome bonus.

So here’s a list of a few things that I do, for “fun”, when I’m not blogging.

What do you like to do when you’re not blogging?


Option A: Sabotage Coworker’s Cubicles.

BNSFLA_Q4 394 Stage1 006 Stage1 008

(Confession: these pics are a little old, as said coworker no longer works with us.  …Um, I like to think that there’s no correlation between these events & her leaving.)


Option B: Play Final Fantasy XIII w/my husband.

feaux 061

Because it’s SOOOOOOOOOOO pretty…


Option C: Eat AmyCakes.

feaux 056These weren’t actually neon—the neon signs at Finn’s just cast that glow & I thought it looked pretty cool.  And they were delicious as always.


Option D: Look at cute pug pics on the InterWebz.

“I’m super cute…but really…don’t you have a recipe or something you should be talking about?”


Option E: Chase my own cute pug around the house as he attempts to destroy everything that falls into his menacing little paws:

rocky (This lil’ monster is the reason I periodically have to scream, “NO!  We do NOT eat batteries in this house!!!”)


Option F: Work Out.  (hahahahahhahahaha….just kidding.)

IMG_20120814_164800 I include this only for sheer irony, since my typical excuse for not going to the gym involves thinking, “yeah, but I should REALLY go home & finish that blog post.”  It’s a vicious cycle, yo.


Option G: Laugh at my husband’s mastery of “Silly Faces”.

sillyboy (Sometimes I cannot wait to see what he’ll be able to come up with when he’s old & can remove his teeth.)

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