Friday, August 17, 2012

Pinterest Project Friday: Cake Stand Organizer


I’m sure most of the readers here who are cursed enough to have a Pinterest account have seen some version or another of the “tiered cake stand used as a bathroom organizer” project.

For the record, I would like to point out that I did this BEFORE I ever had a Pinterest account.  So it’s sorta like I’m a trend setter, without even trying.  Not that I’m braggin’ or anything. Or perhaps great minds just think alike.  Whatevs.  Anyway…moving on!

Last year, I bought/made several cake stands for our wedding:

DBK22 - Copy DBK21 

(I might so a post on making cake stands later on. Super cheap & easy. You’ll never look at a microwave turntable the same.)

Most of them I gave to my friend Amy for her bakery after the wedding, but I kept that two-tier one on the right.  I bought the stand itself at Michaels at 40% off (about $8) and the blue glass plates came from WallyWorld for a buck each.  For a while, I used it as a centerpiece on our kitchen table for fruit, candles, even Christmas décor:


But after Christmas, I decided it needed a new home.

The Hubs & I have a pretty modest 1300 square foot home… perfect for a professional bachelor, but occasionally cramped for two young adult professionals who got married after already having two households’ worth of stuff.

…which is why we have separate bathrooms.  Sorry, honey, but Momma needs her space in the morning. And Momma, like most women, comes with a lot of bathroom crap. :)

My bathroom (which would, in a “normal” home, be referred to as the “guest bathroom” or the “hall bathroom”), doesn’t have much in the way of storage.  Typical one sink & under counter cabinets/drawers setup, no medicine cabinet, no towel storage (there’s a linen closet out in the hall).  The Hubs bathroom (aka the “master bathroom”), is exactly the same.  And it didn’t take me long to fill up that area under the sink, even with organizational baskets and mini-drawer sets.  So, some above-cabinet storage was in dire need.

But it’s gotta be pretty.  I need peace, serenity, and pretty when I wake up in the morning.

I need the beach.

Which is why this is my bathroom:

IMG_1786Um….yeah.  I’m standing in my shower.  Not exactly a glamorous Pinterest-worthy bathroom.  But it’s mine, and I lurve it.  From my giant Texas-coast conch shell, to my motivational quotes, on to my Gulf Coast hurricane vase mini-beach and my ancient CD player (because Momma also needs tunes to wake up in the morning).


There’s another half to my bathroom (like the part where you can actually see my shower), but there’s another project over there & I’m saving that for another day.

ANYWAY---cake stand organizer.  You can see an overview above, but here’s a close up:

IMG_1778 On the bottom rack, we have all the handy-dandy essentials: Q-Tips, cotton swabs, lotion, body spray, and Handi-Bac.  (Alas, I had no blue or green lotion/spray/hand sanitizer.)  Up on top, we have some familiar-looking bottles and pebbles…


Also remnants from our wedding!

One is holding bath bubbles, and the other is homemade bath salts (a project from another day).  And the flowers = also from our wedding.  Then there’s my ring holder, which frequently becomes a “any & all jewelry” holder. in fact, since it fits with the beachy theme, I frequently leave my beloved steampunk octopus brooch in there on purpose. ‘Cuz I just like looking at it. :)


Arrrr, mateys!  Have a great weekend!

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