Saturday, May 19, 2012

Restaurant Review: Cowbell in NOLA


I had a bit of time to kill when I flew into New Orleans for work this past week, so my friend Kathy (yes, the awesome artist Kathy, who is now also an instructor at my old alma Mater, University of New Orleans) recommended Cowbell, not far from her house in Old Jefferson.  As I walked up, I noticed that Cowbell is situated inside of what looks to be a former service station, and thought, “yup, this is my kinda place.”

There’s plenty of outside seating, but since the weather was a little iffy, I pulled up a stool at the diner-style bar inside.

SO many things on their menu looked UH-MAZ-ING, but I was a lady on a mission.  Kathy had recommended the Natural Beef Burger with their Zinfandel, Bacon and Onion Compote.

In the meantime, I ordered a glass of their oh-so-delicious sangria, checked out the scenery, and read a bit of David Sedaris.



With light fixtures made from antique cans and industrial-sized whisks, waiters in Pantera t-shirts, waitresses in floral aprons,  golden oldies on the radio, and of course, a small tribute to Christopher Walken on the wall, this place is a refreshing, eclectic mix of kitsch and kewt.

My burger arrived, quiet & unassuming, accompanied by a sea of sea-salted fries that beckoned to me. 


Everything about this basket screamed “fresh”.  It wasn’t so hard to imagine that the tomatoes and lettuce had been in someone’s garden that morning.  Did I mention it’s served on a potato roll?  ‘Cuz you know me—I like as many potatoes in my meal as possible.

I added a smidge of ketchup & mustard and proceeded to chow down.  And the next thing I knew that burger was GONE.  I tried to take my time, savor each mouth-watering bite…but it was near impossible.  The bacon & onion compote was THE perfect complement to the char of the burger.

And the soul, the FRIIIIIIIIES.  Crisp & fresh with a perfect pop of sea salt.  It was a HUUUUUUUGE pile o’ fries, and I somehow finished them.  Probably with the help of the delicious spicy garlic aioli and housemade ketchup that were strategically located right in front of my seat.


(You need more Cowbell…and more garlic aioli.)

So…quite obviously, if you find yourself in New Orleans & in need of the best burger of yo’ LIFE… you need to take a leisurely drive down to the end of River Road (where it turns into Leake Avenue) & turn onto Oak Street.  Or you can also get there from Carrollton (again…turn onto Oak Street).

Go. NOW. Ya hear???


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