Friday, May 11, 2012


Another whirlwind week at work…not much time for cooking, alas!  Technically, more like “not much time for uploading the things that I DID cook this week”, but tuh-MAY-toe, tuh-MAH-toe.


Thankfully, it’s again time for my quarterly visit to the MammaLand, good ol’ Louisiana.  So maybe I can find some blogging time at the airport to get caught up, and then be ready to share Louisiana food-ventures with you (after work, of course.  Work comes first.  Gotta earn those calories!)

Keep your eyes peeled for a special guest appearance from my cousin Primo, as we have plans to whip up something special while I’m down. 

Meanwhile, I leave you with a few photos from the MammaLand.

1. My favorite road sign in all of Southern Louisiana:

bear crossing

(I have never, ever seen a bear here.  This sign LIES.)


2. A cute friend I met during last quarter’s work:

tree frog


3. You WISH your mailbox was this cool.  …and so do I.

alligator mailbox


4.  This was taken in 2008—my coworker & I were out doing a wetland delineation & a storm blew up around us.  The radar showed that it should move through pretty fast and it was about lunch time, so we waited it out in the truck & spent the better part of half an hour trying to capture some of the AMAZING lightning that was going on around us.  This was my best result.  I love how you can actually see it all the way from the top of the cloud down to the trees.

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