Friday, April 13, 2012

Wistful Thinking...

This week has been fairly nuts at work, so again, no Pinterest project this Friday. Rather, I had been requested to create a countdown page for my friends' & I's annual Memorial Weekend Trip to the Gulf.

After a week of GOGOGOGOGO, it's nice to think that in that amount of time up there, I'll be loaded up in a car with good friends, good tunes, beach-bound toward this:

And This!

My hubs & his guy friends started doing these annual trips back in about 2006...and in 2009, they started letting girls come--which was the first year I went, and coincidentally, when the proverbial "sparks" began to fly for us. There were 6 of us that year...then 9 in 2010...then 11 last year...and this year, we may have up to 14 people going. We rent a big beach house & when you split the costs, it ends up being super-cheap for everyone.

My cousin Primo has attended the last two years, which means we get to dive a bit. Last year we got turned around on a wreck & a bit lost, so our goal for this year is: not to do that again. I have a compass down there, I should use it. In the words of my old Divemaster:

("Slow Down & Look Around": Good advice whether you're above or below the water.)

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