Saturday, April 14, 2012

Derby Time!

Today the Hubs & I are headed to Hot Springs with our friends for the 2012 Arkansas Derby.  Last year was the first time we went with them (our friends, being big Derby fans, have been going for years) and we had a blast. 


Well…I had a blast, because I won like $12.  My husband lost $20 so he was less amused.  I’m pretty sure I just had beginner’s luck.

Yesterday we got our copies of the Daily Racing Form for the Derby…


It’s fun to flip through & look at the stats and start picking my winners.  I have a very basic understanding of the stats & the terminology on those sheets, but I’ll be honest.


I mostly just pick horses with clever names.


That being said, my favorites for the Derby this year:

Let’s Get Fiscal (Race 1)


Beer Garden (Race 6)


and of course…


I Am Awesome (Race 12).


Next year we’re possibly thinking about going to the Louisiana Derby, since it’s in New Orleans.

(Which would be Legend…wait for it...)


What are your plans for the weekend?

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