Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Green Beer & Irish Whiskey.

Come on—it’s TWO days before St. Patty’s Day.  What did you THINK I was going to talk about?  A hurricane? (Maybe a GREEN hurricane…now there’s an idea…hrmm…I’ll get to work on that.)

Despite the fact that my family heritage is Dutch, German, and Brit (and 1/32 Osage Indian—really, it’s the only traceable fraction of nonEuro I’ve got in my bloodstream),  we all seem to be Irish this weekend.  And hey…I have green eyes & I was born with strawberry blonde hair, so I’m willing to wager a guess that some Irishman got his DNA into our bloodline at some point along the line.

I know my husband & I and our friends are Irish at least once a week, when we gather together in downtown Springfield at Finnegan’s Wake for Trivia Night every Wednesday.  We have one of the longest-running trivia teams at the establishment [*insert shout-out to my fellow Bomb.Com peeps!*], and as a gang of late-20-early-30-somethings in a town full of college kids…well, some weeks we don’t stand a chance, but we plug along & hold our own & usually manage to finish in the top three at least every other week or so.

Last night’s trivia was entirely Irish-themed, and of course concluded in a round of green beers for all participants.

beer 004

(Like chlorophyll & barley had a baby… A tasty, tasty baby…)

(PS…for the record, we did not place last night.  Which sort of negates that aforementioned whole “possibly part Irish” thing.)


Now, if you happen to be in/around the Springfield area, it would behoove you to show up downtown this Saturday for the St. Patrick’s Day parade.  My hubs has been selected for the honor as serving of Tim Finnegan on the Finn’s float, which is pretty cool…aside from the fact that he has to pretend to be dead the whole time.  As regulars at Finn’s, he was pretty honored to be asked.  (I recommend standing near Finnegan’s for the parade…I mean…without divulging too much info…if you like freebies…just saying…stand near Finn’s.  And bring a big bag.  And then stick around for the Pub Crawl.  Finn’s will be having $6 half-yards, and if you already own a Finn’s half-yard, it’s $3 refills.


And if you’re not going to be at the parade, but you’re in the need of supremely superb dinner tonight, may I suggest that you head over to Finnegan’s Revival (right next door to Finnegan’s Wake—formerly South Avenue Pizza) for their Irish Whisky Tasting Dinner tonight at 6:30pm?  For $60, you’ll get a five course Irish steak dinner and six aged Irish whiskeys!  The price includes tax & tip, so you’re essentially getting all of this for about $48:

- Finnegan’s Field Salad

- South Avenue Colcannon

- Irish Potato Soup

- Soda Bread

- Gaelic Tenderloins in Tarragon Butter


- John Powers 12 Year

- Knappogue Castle 12 Year

- Tullemore Dew Single Malt

- Old Bushmills 16 Year

- Jameson 18 Year

- Jameson Vintage Reserve


Guys (and gals), if whiskey interests you at ALL, this is a BARGAIN. I mean, forget about the amazing meal for a moment-- I don’t know about shot prices, but a bottle of Jameson Vintage Reserve would set you back a cool $250+ (meaning if someone charged you AT COST for a shot, it’d be about $20 all by it’s lil self); Jameson 18 Year runs about about $70-90 depending on where you shop. 

You can purchase tickets at either Finnegan’s Wake or Finnegan’s Revival, at the corner of South Avenue & McDaniel Street downtown, or over at Ophelia’s Wine & Tapas bar on Walnut.  For more info, check out Finnegan’s Facebook page or call (417) 869-1500.

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