Monday, March 12, 2012

Audience Participation!

I realize everyone reading this might not be former FoodNetwork addicts like myself, but does anyone remember the show “Calorie Commando” with Chef Juan-Carlos Cruz?


We’ll look past the fact that Chef Cruz is now in jail for trying solicit homeless guys in a murder-for-hire scheme (sheesh)…because aside from that venture into CrazyTown, I loved this show.  Watchers would write in with their favorite not-so-healthy dishes and good ol’ Juan-Carlos would whip up a recipe to make a healthy version of that dish.  Be it lasagna, bacon cheeseburgers, cheesecake, or chicken fried steak, Juan-Carlos had the answer.  And he’d bring the watcher who had suggested the item onto the show to taste his re-creation of the dish to let them decide if it was a decadent enough replacement of their supposed favorite dish (though, I mean, really, you’re on national TV.  Who’s going to say, “Sorry, Juan-Carlos, this tastes like crap”?)

Anyway.  That show was on back when I first started cooking a lot, a college senior exploring life beyond frozen & boxed dinners.  And it’s that show that has inspired me to constantly look for ways to “health-up” the dishes I already love.

Plus, now that the holidays and our winter ski vacation are out of the way, my household has snapped into “pre-beach season” mode… meaning the hubs & I are back to using our nutrition trackers, (trying) to get our butts to the gym 3 times a week (he’s better at it than me…I’m a big-time rationalizer, and have been known to think, “well, if I power-walk while I’m thrift store shopping, it counts as exercise…”) and cutting out the decadence.  So I figure if that’s going on at our house, then we’re probably not alone, and maybe some of you are slipping into that mode as well.  But hey—we’re human, and we like to eat what we like to eat, right?  I love me a good salad…but doggonit if those fries and cookies aren’t tempting.


So, I’m channeling my inner Juan-Carlos (the “healthy chef” Juan-Carlos, not the “hey bum, would you kill my spouse for a thousand bucks” Juan-Carlos) and asking YOU, the reader: 


What would YOU like to see appear in a future post on The FeauxCajun Kitchen? 

It doesn’t have to be a Cajun dish. 

Leave your response in the Comments Section, and check back often to see if your craving is featured!!!



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