Thursday, January 19, 2012


Once upon a time (2009), when this blog was still in its infancy over on, I was contacted by a gentleman named Kent Whitaker who told me he liked the blog and asked if I would be willing to share a couple recipes for a cookbook he was working on. So I gleefully submitted three of the first recipes I ever made for this blog (sweet potato muffins, "cheaters" red beans & rice, and a catfish dish w/ mustard sauce & crab-boiled veggies). Then I pretty well forgot about his request.

Today, I was cleaning out my inbox, and I found Mr. Whitaker's original email. Which left me wondering if he had ever succeeded in getting his book published.

So I did some Googling, and lo & behold, "Louisiana Hometown Cookbook", co-authored by Kent Whitaker and Sheila Simmons, was published back in 2010.

A little more Googling and it seems that all three of my recipes were in fact used in the book!

(Not to copy of my friend Jo, but..."It's a major award!!!")

I'm a little disappointed that I never got a follow up email once it was published, but it's still FREAKING COOL to find out now! To just wake up one day & realize your name is in print in some cookbook? I feel so famous!!!! ;)

...I wonder if I'm entitled to ask for a free copy.... :D

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