Thursday, January 26, 2012

“Cook Some Rice.”

A quick confession.  I’ve noticed that the vast majority of my Cajun recipe posts involve me giving the direction “cook some rice”.  Because, yes, there’s a lot of rice in Cajun dishes.  But in all honesty, it’s a teensy bit of an inside joke, and I write it that way because it makes me giggle to myself.

But if you’re not from Louisiana and haven’t scoured the outer rims of YouTube, then you probably haven’t heard of PooPoo Broussard, Louisiana’s own version of…say…Justin Bieber, as viral YouTube sensations go.

Okay, so maybe not that extreme.  But he is pretty well known locally down there.

So, here you go.  Readers, meet PooPoo & his buddies, & their rendition of the Spielberg classic, “E.T.”


I’ll let you peruse the rest of PooPoo’s YouTube channel on your own time. :D


Oh, and…go cook some rice.

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