Monday, November 28, 2011


No music post today, but I do have video for you!

Backstory:  My dad has discovered the History Channel show “Swamp People” and LOVES it.  He & his buddies regularly go to Wisconsin salmon fishing every fall, but now he’s decided they need to go to Louisiana one year & catch an alligator.  (Nevermind that I spent 6 years LIVING in the state of Louisisana trying to convince him he needed to come fishing down there, and got shot down every time…apparently he needed to see it on Prime Time TV to know that I was right.  But no, I’m not bitter…)

Anyway…the History Channel hosted a Swamp People marathon on Thanksgiving Day, so that’s how we spent the better portion of our Turkey Day.  Watching Bruce and T-Buddy and Jay Paul and the Guist Brothers & all the rest, shooting alligators and losing appendages.


Having lived in Louisiana, I’ll admit—prior to this Thanksgiving, I had seen only one episode of Swamp People.  I mean…I lived there.  I worked there.  I saw alligators and rode on airboats.  You would think the show would appeal to me, but I guess I just saw too many stereotypes. 

My mom says, “I’m so glad they write the words on the screen because I can’t understand half of what they say!”  I’m not sure if I should be proud or said that I understood every word, whether I was looking at the TV or not. :D

This marathon culminated in the broadcasting of the episode: “SWAMPSGIVING”. (Videos of the episode in the link.)  It showed the stars of Swamp People out hunting for their Thanksgiving dinners (because of course, Thanksgiving comes after the alligator season, so they weren’t too busy with their regular jobs.)  One group was after alligator gar (to smoke) & frogs (for frog legs….duh), another pair was hunting turkey*, the oh-so-lovable Guist Brothers were after squirrel & rabbit—though they couldn’t get a squirrel & ended up trading for a couple snapping turtles (to make a rabbit sausage gumbo & turtle sauce piquant), and another team was after a feral hog (to pit roast w/stuffing).

My husband, who has only been to New Orleans once for spring break, furrowed his brow.  “They act like everything’s in season down there!”

Well…yeah.  It’s not called “The Sportsman’s Paradise” for nothing!

Squirrel Season: October – February

Rabbit Season: October – February

Feral (Wild) Hog Season: October – February, year-round on state Wildlife Management Areas

Snapping Turtle: No season.  They’re plenty abundant.

*HOWEVER: Turkey season is in the spring.  No where near Thanksgiving.  Way to go, Hollywood.



The show, while Hollywooded to death (hunting turkey, OR feral hogs, with a camera crew?  Anyone who’s been hunting smelled the fake rolling offa that…plus they bagged a hen, which is illegal any time), did make me hungry and a bit southsick for my Cajun friends and family.


(Crawfish etouffee, macque choux, and green beans—proof that some of the tastiest food in the world comes from gas stations in South Louisiana.)  


Thankfully, I have to fly down there next week for work, so keep your eyes open for some authentic Louisiana food posts!

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