Monday, November 14, 2011

Music Monday: Drew Landry

I was running through my iPod this morning, trying to decide what musician to blog about today, and Drew came on twice, so I guess that’s a sign.


I have the great privilege of knowing Drew first hand.  He lives across the street from some friends of mine (a street which happens to be on the parade route in Scott, LA, and I’m pretty sure that having property on a parade route in Louisiana increases your property value at least 20%).  A few years back, I was hanging out at said friends’ house after the Scott Mardi Gras parade, and Drew dropped by to say hey (& see what food we had leftover—because Mardi Gras always equals food).  I did a double-take, and before I had a chance to reign it in, my inner fangirl took over and I blurted out in a high pitched voice “You’re Drew Landry!”

He looked over at me, with a big piece of cake in his hand, and said, “yep”.

“I have your CD! It’s awesome.” (I know, I’m so smooth, right?)

He nodded, the piece of cake now in his mouth.  “Cool.  Thanks.” A pause. “Y’all got any beer left?”

That was my first interaction with Drew.  Pretty lame, I know.  But I’ve seen him perform multiple times since, and I have gotten slightly less lame.

When he’s not making music, Drew epitomizes the south Louisiana Cajun, working as a crawfisher when they’re in season, and has also been known to fish old cypress logs (felled and waterlogged trees only) out of the swamps for use in making furniture, boats…maybe even a guitar or two.

And up until last year, Drew was pretty well only locally famous, performing mainly at the Borque’s Social Club in Scott, LA.  Then the BP Horizon incident happened…and Drew wrote a song about it…and sang it on CSPAN.

For more information on shows or booking, here is Drew’s website:

Amazon MP3 downloads are available here, and for the iTunes folks, click here.

Sadly, my favorite CD by Drew is not available on either of these sites—it’s called “Bandryland: Sharecropper’s Wine” and was intended to be a soundtrack for a documentary entitled “Last Man Standin”, which unfortunately was never finished.  But if you’re in the Louisiana area (particularly Lafayette), check out the “Local Artists” section of their Music Department and you may luck out.

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