Friday, February 7, 2014

Daniel Fast Day 5

Today’s Devotional: “An Opportunity for Grace:  Col.4: ‘Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.’  Make it your quest today to look for opportunities to build up the people around you. Words are very powerful & have the potential to change the course of the day. When we pay attention it is really easy to see who needs to hear a kind word or a word of encouragement. Remember, you are the salt of the earth & have the ability to cause someone to taste & see that the Lord is good by your actions. Let the seasoning of the Spirit of a Living God introduce His Kingdom to them today.”

Wise words, oh random devotional from the interwebz.  Lord knows I can be a little short with people when I’m busy and trying to focus.  So today, I focused on NOT being short.  When a junior staff came to me with a question, I cheerfully set my work aside & helped her.  When a coworker was frustrated with how her project was going at lunch, I listened and tried to make constructive suggestions in the spirit of mentoring.  When a new project popped up that no one had time to deal with, I gladly took it on.  Another coworker was feeling ill so I sneakily left her a note and a pile of cough drops while she was out of her office.  I definitely want to be a good example to my coworkers (seeing as how I spend more time with them than do with my own spouse) and have my existence be an outward example of God’s love.  There are too many crazies out there giving Christians and Christianity a bad name.  Those of us who are proud to be a follower of God should live a life that reflects the goodness of Him. No hate, no gossip, no bickering.

Breakfast: Oat-Raisin pancake w/natural PB and some sliced strawberry (I toast the pancake since I made them in advance…they’re SO good!)


Lunch:  Leftover bean & veggie spaghetti


Dinner: ALSO leftover bean and veggie spaghetti…but I am SO not complaining!

Observation: I’ve been tracking my calories & exercise with my FitBit since the start of the year. Since I have a target weight loss goal (that I can hopefully hit before The Scoop opens back up & I’m subjected to more ice cream and hot dogs) I gave myself a somewhat severe calorie target for each day (based on FitBit’s recommendations for my goal & regimen—not an arbitrary target).  And I’ve been doing pretty well with it, and not having too many hunger pangs.  Well, with the Daniel Fast, I find that I’m taking in even less than that target (typically about 200-300 calories less/day)…but I have never felt hungry.  I’m sure part of it is that we’re still eating plenty of good ol’ carbs, but I have to believe that a bigger part of that is God.  This is a God thing, not a diet.  When you’re weak, he can provide.

Tonight we had a Women’s Rally at our church with guest speaker Holly Wagner from Oasis Church in L.A.  The message was on not getting too cozy, lest you miss your “kairos” (the Greek for the right or opportune moment).

The rallies are always a blast (they have them once a quarter), even though they’re sometimes a little girly for my taste (always…a LOT of pink.  I’m not a pink gal.) 


But aside from that, it’s a great time to get together with mah girlz and spend some time in a room of literally THOUSANDS of God-loving ladies (or “daughters of the King”, as Holly says). It’s hard not to just feel overwhelmed when you have that many ladies together… God’s presence is definitely in the room!

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