Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh, Canada…

Small announcement here: I’m going to be absent from this blog for about a week.  At least a week.  Because the Hubs & I leave tomorrow morning for our great white neighbor to the north.  We’ll be in Vancouver for a few days, out on Vancouver Island for about a day, and up skiing at Whistler Resort for 3 days.


Well…the Hubs will be skiing for three days. I will HOPEFULLY make it through a full two days.  Me & Skis…we have a love-hate relationship.  On the Green slopes, me & skis, we’re cool.  We’re having fun, making leisurely ski curves down the genteel slopes, stopping periodically to take photos of the scenery.  Anything more than that, or more than two days, and my knee gets fatigued, then the rest of me gets fatigued, and at that point there’s a 50/50 chance that I’m coming off that mountain mad at the world with tears frozen to my face.  Possibly carrying my skis and calling them hateful names under my breath.

But when we’re NOT skiing…we’ll be sight seeing.  And EATING.  One of my favorite things.

So here’s the Canadian Bucket List for our trip.  If you have suggestions that we should add to it, please leave a comment!

1) Tim Hortons.  Because…I mean…really, do you need a “because”?


2) Poutine.  I realize this is more of an “eastern” Canadian thing…but I’m still fairly convinced I can find it in Vancouver.  If you have a recommendation for WHERE—I’m all ears.


3) Nanaimo bars.  Again…does this really need explanation?  *sigh* FINE. Chocolate, almonds, coconut, grahams, vanilla custard, and MORE chocolate.  What’s NOT to love?

(I have a recipe to make these as well, but I figure I should taste the real thing before I attempt to copy it.)


4) Maple syrup:  My hubs LOOOOOOVES real maple syrup.  So I’m sure we’ll be smuggling a few bottles back with us.

5) BEER!  I’ve got a list of local microbreweries in Vancouver and over on the island.  We’ll probably try to taste a few bottles of local wines as well, if we can find any. (Again—all ears for recommendations!)

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