Friday, October 5, 2012

Feaux’s Kitchen Christmas Wish List.

Not that I really NEEEEEEED any more stuff in my kitchen.  It’s a small kitchen, with a lotta stuff.  We spent some time a couple weekends ago organizing and sorting and paring down to make space and help the whole area just make more sense.  And we acheived that.  So why do I want more stuff?

Umm…because?  Am I allowed to use that as a reason?  Probably not.  As a kid, I grew up pretty po’.  Like, so po’ we couldn’t afford the ‘or’ at the end of the word.  So, any time I started squealing in Wal-Mart about how I “NEEDED” something, my mom would ask me to tell her THREE REASONS I actually “needed” it.  Otherwise it was just a “want”, and I couldn’t have it.  That little trick has helped me many times since then.

So…we’ll attempt to find the “needs” in all these things.

1. A Pressure Cooker:

a. My coworker Suzan tells me they’re just the greatest kitchen tool ever, and that no kitchen should be without one.

b. They’re essentially the opposite of a Crockpot.  Instead of making a stew in eight hours, I could make it in 45 minutes.  And for the gal who works 45 hours a week & doesn’t get home until 6-6:30pm, that’s pretty appealing.

c. No combination of any of the items I already own could replicate the cooking time that this item would be capable of.


2.  A Petit Four/Square Brownie Pan:

a. Removable bottom!  You can place the bottom in the squares if you’re using a batter, or, if you’re using a crust, leave it out and then just press from the bottom to pop each item out.  SUPER CLEVER!

b. Easy way to make pre-portioned cake/brownie/etc. whatever and have each piece be consistently the same size, which is better for calorie control.

c. I could finally make those cookie dough-Reese’s-brownies from Pinterest. :)


3. A Kitchen Torch.

Actually, this isn’t really a “wish list” item, so much as a “I will be buying within the next few weeks” item.  I decided to ix-nay the “professional style kitchen torch” since I saw these butane “pencil torches” at Harbor Freight for three bucks.  $27 vs. $3?  Uh, yeah.  Buying the pencil torch.  Blackberry creme brulee, here we come!!!

4. A nice Glass Pitcher.

a. It’s a beautiful pattern, and the center ice “sleeve” would prevent watering down of beverages.

b. Beautiful photo op for making beverages on my blog!  I can’t showcase a pitcher of anything right now, unless readers are impressed by things like “wow, your Rubbermaid pitcher is SO huge!  What is that, 4 quarts???”  Can’t you just see this, with some lovely refreshing lemon slices floating in it, or a gorgeous sangria?

c. It has a lid.  SO many glass pitchers out there do NOT have lids, for some reason.


5. This tea kettle.

Okay, this could be tough.  Because I already own a tea kettle…and it doesn’t get used.  It’s in our camping gear for when we need to heat water.  But…I mean…just LOOK AT IT!!!!  So…I’ll try.

a.  It’s blue.  A beautiful, gorgeous, “Caribbean” blue that just SCREAMS “Cozy Cajun Kitchen”.

b. Ummm…it’s still blue?   Sorry.  I guess this is a “want”.  But can you blame me?


6. An 8-12 Quart Stock Pot.

a. Crawfish.

b. Shrimp.

c. Massive quantities of gumbo.  (Seriously.  This is a Cajun Kitchen with no gi-normous stock pot for boiling stuff?  Or brining a turkey?  I think this should be remedied.)


7. A Sushi Knife.

a. We have everything to make sushi now, but none of my knives are good at slicing it into pieces.  And I don’t want to eat my sushi like a burrito.

b. Reviewers say it “cuts through everything!”  So it’s multi-purpose.  Not just for sushi.

c. It comes with a free peeler.  Not sure that’s necessary, but hey:  Free is Free.


8. Fleur de Lis dish set:

Again…this is tough, because we HAVE dishes.  In fact, for a while right after we got married, we had TWO sets of dishes.  I gave my set up for a garage sale.  Our dishes are functional, but they’re pretty plain. Some of them are also getting a bit rough around the edges since my Hubs has had them for a while.  You’ve seen them in many a photo here:

feaux 061

(White middle, green border.)

So again…let’s try to justify this “want”.

a. They’re gorgeous, and classic.  Won’t go out of fashion.  Louis XIV could have eaten of dishes just like these.

b. What if the senator…nay…governor…nay…PRESIDENT comes over for dinner sometime??? i.e. We need some fancy China.  You know…just in case.

c.  They fit with the “Cajun Kitchen” theme so well, without getting hokey.


9. This 3 Quart Lodge Cast Iron Pot.

Lodge Green Apple Enamel 3-quart Cast Iron Cookware |

a. I don’t own a cast iron dish.

b. It could double as a cookie jar.

c. Seriously… LOOK AT IT!!!  HOW FLIPPIN’ KEWT IS THAT?????


10. A new kitchen remodel, to hold all my new stuff. :D

New Orleans Style Kitchen Project 2012

Pot rack!  Backsplash! Cherry wood!  Island!  StorageStorageSTORAGE!!!  TWO FAUCETS!!! GAS Range!!!

(The photo is clickable & you can see the rest of the kitchen.  The builder described it as a “New Orleans Style Kitchen”.  I’m a little iffy about the exact brick that was used for the bar area, but I love the overall layout.)


Tell me—what’s on your kitchen wish list?  Or what’s the one kitchen item you can’t live without???


  1. Get an electric pressure cooker! They are so much better than the old cooktop kind...those were always a little scary!

  2. You NEED cast iron! Especially a pot/dutch oven....I got one recently and make everything in it. I also have a reversible grill pan/griddle that is very handy (and heavy). I have a glass pitcher (margarita pitcher w/4 glasses) you can borrow if you need it for photos :)

    1. I used to have a cast iron pot/dutch oven (the Lodge brand from Bass Pro) but didn't take good care of it & it got rusty. And I LOVE my reversible grill/griddle pan, too!!!

      Borrow your pitcher...I guess in return, I would of course SHARE whatever fanciful cocktail I have created in it, right? :D