Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!!!


3. 2.  Thirty-two. THIRTY-TWO!  Is that possible?  It must be, because here I am. Another day older, but NOT deeper in debt, thank you Mr. Cash.  Slightly blinder though—I went to the eye doc last week for fancy new spectacles, since I now apparently have 20/100 vision.  Le poop.  And I managed to knot up my lower back playing flag football with my nephews.  Yeah, you read that right. I hurt myself playing FLAG football, a no-contact sport, with an 8 year old and a 5 year old. Oi. (In my defense, youngun’s don’t always fully grasp the concept of “no contact sport”.)

But not to despair! I also have all the wisdom and life experience that comes with being 32.  Things like, not wearing 4 inch heels if you’re going out on the town, bringing a cardigan to places you KNOW it’s going to be cold (read: restaurants & movie theaters), serving white wine with chicken, and that offering to read to a kid will typically make them your BFF fo’ LIFE.  When my two year old niece sees me, I get a big hug, and then she’s off to find a book…or twelve.

Anyway. How does a 32 year old celebrate her birthday?

Step One: She sacrifices a few gingerbread marshmallow men to the god of gastronomy, in the name of S’Mores.


Nuke for 20 seconds & watch them expand, then smother and devour.  It’s a little evil, but totally delicious.  One of these days I’ll have to actually impale one & put him to death over flame…purely for the photo op.


“Heellllp meeee…..heeelllp meeeeeeee…..” MUAHAHAHAHA….

Step Two: She goes to a charity fundraiser on Saturday night for the C.A.R.E. animal rescue group.  Cuz we loves puppies!

“Phone, TV, internet…PUPPY!”  My absolute favorite commercial right now.

Step Three: She goes to a Springfield Cardinals game with her hubby & friends, with tickets for the Redbird Roost, which comes with unlimited concessions!

IMG_1920 IMG_1910

Who’s chips is those?  NA-CHOS!!!

Step Four: She goes to work.  Because she’s not 21, she’s 32, and has to, because it’s Monday, yo.


But AFTER work…

Step Five: She gets to have dinner with her Hubs at the new French Mediterranean Café! Super excited!  Chef Al Roubaie is well known in the Kansas City area as a four star chef, so it’s pretty cool that this place is just down the road from us.  I can’t wait to try as much as possible! :)