Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Week in the Meals of Feaux – Day 7, and End-of-Week Tally!

SUNDAY.  We slept in til 8am (magical, I tell you) and then woke up & got ready for church.


Breakfast (8:30am):

Not surprisingly, after the Tailgating Gluttony of yesterday, I was not terribly hungry.

8 oz coffee w/Splenda & fat free vanilla creamer – 20 cal

1 bacon cookie – 91 cal, 2 g fat, 2.3 g protein


food 004 food 005

Lunch (11:30am):

Grilled Romaine Salad w/parmesan, Walden Farms Calorie Free Bacon Ranch, and 1/2 piece crumbled bacon (recipe coming soon) – 74 calories, 6 g fat, 3 g protein

Diet Root Beer – 0/0/0

1/4 cup homemade salsa (recipe also coming soon!) – 36 calories, 0 fat/protein

5 tortilla chips – 78 calories, 3 g fat, 1.2 g protein


We spent most of the early afternoon cleaning the house: mowing the lawn, laundry, dishes, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, mopping the kitchen, etc.  I only did half of these things, because my Hubs is an amazing man & we split all the chores.  I am very blessed, I know!


Afternoon snacks (1:30p, 3:30p)

1 bacon cookie (I promise, they’re nearly gone) - 91 cal, 2 g fat, 2.3 g protein

1 Fun Size Reese’s PB cup – 80 cal, 4.5 g fat, 1 g protein

1/2 light beer (shared with The Hubs) – 55 cal


food 006 

Dinner (6pm)

Homemade white bean chili (recipe soon!) – 223 calories, 4.7 g fat, 15 g protein

Diet Sierra Mist – 0/0/0


Dessert (9pm)

1 bacon cookie (the last one for me…until I try another batch) - 91 cal, 2 g fat, 2.3 g protein

1/2 cup red grapes – 52 calories, 0 fat/protein

Unsweet tea

Total for day: 891 calories, 24.2 g fat, 27.1 g protein


WAY under target.  I really just WASN’T that hungry after tailgating the day before.  However, I was also feeling pretty sluggish & lazy, aside from the cleaning we did.  I’m sure part of that was from being tired (Saturday was a really long day—we got up at 5:40am & didn’t get home until 11pm), but part was also probably from not eating much.  Like I said earlier in the week—gotta put fuel in the car for it to go. 


So at the end of the week, what’s the general overview of this experiment?

Calories (1400)* Fat (47g)* Protein (53g)*
Calories In Fat In Protein In Est. Calories Burned Caloric Deficit Over/Under Target Over/Under Target Over/Under Target
Monday 1478 31 76 1900 -422 78 -16 23
Tuesday 1240 36 59 1900 -660 -160 -11 6
Wednesday 1836 66.4 105 1900 -64 436 19.4 52
Thursday 1383 29 67 1900 -517 -17 -18 14
Friday 1713 55.7 73.9 1900 -187 313 8.7 20.9
Saturday 2203 75.5 84.4 1900 303 803 28.5 31.4
Sunday 891 24.4 27.1 1900 -1009 -509 -22.6 -25.9
Total Deficit/Week -2556 +944

(*Targets provided by for a 31 year old female, 5’6” with lightly active lifestyle.)

For the week, I ate a total of 900+ calories more than the target…but my caloric deficit was about 2500, so I didn’t gain any weight…and if the estimated calories burned is accurate, I should actually be down about 0.75 lb from where I started.  (I don’t regularly weigh myself, so I can neither confirm nor deny this.)

I came in Under Target for Fat grams four of the seven days, but ate more than the “goal” for Protein every day except the last.  I’m not terribly concerned about that since I prefer a protein-heavy diet, as protein is a more efficient energy source than carbs.

My conclusions?  Eating out is my weak area.  On days when I cooked all my meals (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday) there were no major issues.  In fact, those are the same four days that I was significantly below the Fat Target.

Under normal circumstances, if I know I’m going out, I typically look at a restaurant’s nutritional info BEFORE I go, so that I can make a reasonable choice.  However, for the sake of this experiment, I DIDN’T do that as a control, and tried to operate based purely on reading the descriptions of menu items.


So there you go.  A peek into the life (and diet) of me.  Hopefully you got something out of it, and even if you didn’t, it was an educational experience for me!

We can now resume with the delicious (and healthy) recipe posts. ;-D


  1. You eat SO well. I mean, you had some indulgences, but you really have great self-control and eat very healthy. Healthily? Healthfully? There is a lot of healthitude. I eat so much more crap than you do.

    I guess that's why you look so darn great and I do not. ;)

    I loved this little experiment of yours and would totally read it if you blogged about every day's food. :)

    1. Thanks. After that tailgating debaucle, I wasn't feeling like I'd eaten well! In fact, I think I found myself saying, "why did I pick THIS week to log??? These people will think I eat like crap all the time, and eat out constantly!!!" But I think it's more representative to have used this week, since it's summer time and a lot of people might tailgate/BBQ Party/have gatherings in the summer, and so I imagine I'm not the only person who's been fooled by the "I'll just take a lil' bit of everything" mentality.

      And don't think I eat exactly like this every week. There are weeks when I have a smore's craving that won't go away, so I make myself a microwave s'more EVERY. EVENING. THAT. WEEK. I have a crazy sweet tooth, which is why you see me eating multiple bacon cookies every day after I made them. But it does help to make your own sweets so you know what's in them and can make them slightly better (to gorge on).